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Vision and Mission


To become the leading and top-of-mind skincare brand for teens looking for products that they can afford.


To develop plant-based, cruelty-free, affordable, and effective skincare products for growing teenagers, and help them deal with body and hormonal changes in a more accepting way.

Brand Values


We manufacture products that are gentle for teenagers, constantly coming up with new formulations to help keep skin healthy and beautiful.


The customer is our priority. That’s why we maintain a community for teens that is safe from judgments. You help us exist, so we’d do everything in our power to guide you in your first steps to effective skincare.


Founded in Davao City, Philippines, you support the local economy with every purchase of Oli Skin products. Supporting a local business also means reducing environmental impact. You help us increase local production and create jobs.


Skincare need not be expensive! Being a locally-owned business, we assure you of skincare products that could work around your budget. We know you’re still a student, so we make sure your Oli Skin beauty regimen is within reach.


Our focus is on plant-based and cruelty-free health, beauty, and wellness products. We stand for environmental sustainability as a core manufacturing ideal.

We advocate self-love for teens like you who experience hormonal changes and several skin problems. Oli Skin will be your guiding light in building a skincare routine and practicing healthy habits early on.