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Brand Ambassador Program

Brand Ambassador Program

This is your chance to become one of Oli Skin’s freshest faces on the Internet.

We’re looking for inspiring young women to advocate for healthy skincare habits among teenagers.

We believe that anyone with a strong belief that behind every beautiful, glowing skin are healthy skincare habits, can become an ambassador for Oli Skin. 


If you represent any of the following, then you may apply for Oli Skin’s Brand Ambassador Program.

• The athlete
• The bookworm
• The anime fan
• The creative vlogger
• The young entrepreneur
• The stage performer
• The student leader
• The makeup guru
• The honor student
• The home buddy
• The beauty guru
• The fashionista
• The working student
• The clean living advocate 
• The beach-loving mermaid
• The pet lover

    The objective of our brand ambassador program is to improve the community’s awareness of Oli Skin as the go-to brand for teenagers looking for a plant-based, sustainable, effective skincare product yet easy on their pockets. 

    The following are what we expect from you in this partnership.

    1. Weekly posting on your social media promoting our products through photos and videos
    2. Regular communication with our marketing team


      Enjoy the benefits and perks of becoming an Oli Skin Brand Ambassador!

      • Product discounts
      • Free stuff
      • Special offers
      • Referral rewards
      • Chance to be featured on website, social media, events, and more
      • Early access to new and exclusive products
      • Live events
      • Virtual events
      • Training on how to use social media for business 

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